Dear visitor:

Daikon stopped its activity in November 2015.

For nearly 10 years, Daikon has been my main personal and professional project. During this period, and together with partners (Mariano, Guillermo, José, Fernando) and employees (José Carlos, Jorge), Daikon has successfully deployed all kinds of projects related to Information and Telecommunications Systems Engineering. Crisis, though, made Daikon economically unfeasible.

Only this page remains from the original Daikon: a memory of an exciting personal project which allowed me to evolve professionally. I'm also keeping the Internet domain ( and all email accounts associated to this domain.

I'm still very much active as a freelance Systems and Telecom Engineer. My current customers belong to aerospace industry, leisure parks and investigative journalism sectors, and my interests are focused on systems integration and automation, security systems and audits, and software defined systems (SDN, SDS, NFV, Cloud).

For professional contacts, you can check my LinkedIn profile.

I'd like to thank everyone who made Daikon possible during these 10 years. To all of you, my best regards and a great hug.

Jorge González Villalonga
CEO/CTO Daikon 2006-2016

(En Español, for favor...)